What's the difference between
a spider 
and an insect?

What's the difference between arachnids and insects?


Both spider and insects are,of course, classified as Creepy Crawlies. However, their creepycrawliness is very different. Spiders (along with harvestmen, scorpions and mites) are arachnids, not insects.

  • LEGS
    Most arachnids have eight legs. Insects have six legs. If you are scared of spiders, please get a friend to count the legs for you.
    Insects have antennae, arachnids do not.

    Most insects have wings. No arachnids do  - good news for anyone who does not want to see spiders flying around their heads.

    Insects have a body in three sections - head, thorax and abdomen. Spiders,however, have only two as the head and thorax is fused into one - called a cephalothorax. For this reason, spiders avoid any genre of music which involves head-banging.