What's the difference between
a bee and a wasp?

What's the difference between wasps and bees?

  • Wasps tend to have a long and slender abdomen whereas bees are rounder.

  • Wasps tend to have a trim waist, bees do not.

  • Bees are hairier in appearance. The hairs help them to collect pollen from flowers.

  • Wasps are hunters, tending to feed on other insects. Bees instead feed from flowers, eating nectar and collecting pollen for the hive.

  • As wasps are hunters, they can be more aggressive and faster to sting than bees.

  • Bees are usually fatally injured when they sting. Wasps can go on to sting again and again.

  • In the UK there are 250 species of bees (including one species of honey bee and 24 bumble bees) and 9,000 species of wasps (250 of these are stingers).