What's the difference between
a horse and a pony?

What's the difference between horses and ponies?

  • Horses and ponies are both members of the species Equus caballus but are different breeds.

  • The general distinction is that ponies are less than 14.2 hands high HOWEVER there are also horse foals and miniature horses both of which are smaller than this but still horses. And ponies can be larger than 14.2 hands.

  • Ponies have shorter legs and a proportionately larger head and body.

  • Ponies tend to have rougher thicker mane and hair.

  • Ponies are generally hardier than horses and can often be outside all year around.

  • Horses are not as stocky as ponies.

  • Only one pony has ever won an Olympic show jumping medal (Stroller in 1968). The others have all gone to horses.