What's the difference between
a male bullfinch
and a female bullfinch?

What's the difference between male and female bullfinches?

  • Bullfinches are common birds in the UK although they can be a bit shy to show themselves very much at garden bird feeders.

  • They are large, stocky members of the finch family - neither the male or the female when healthy are generally slim in stature.

  • Both the male are female have the same distrinctive markings - a black head, and black wings with a white flash.

  • The male has a belly and chest which are red-orange, sometimes pink. The female has a brown chest and belly sometimes with a pink tinge.

  • The male's back is grey while the female is generally a little browner.

  • Juveniles can look very similar to the fermales with a mostly brown body but they have a brown head rather than a black one.